Mark Jacobsen


Mark Jacobsen is an active duty C-17 cargo pilot and Middle East Specialist in the US Air Force, and is currently pursuing his doctoral PhD in Political Science at Stanford University. He founded Uplift after doing research among Syrian refugees in eastern Turkey in 2014. He received an Olmsted scholarship in 2008, spent two years in Amman learning Arabic, and earned a Master’s of Arts in Conflict Resolution from the University of Jordan. The Syria Airlift Project and Uplift Aeronautics are his personal initiatives.

Jessie Mooberry1

Jessie Mooberry is an entrepreneur, pilot-in-training, and recent graduate of three Universities: the London School of Economics, Fudan University in Shanghai, and the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied Finance and Chinese. Active in the startup community, Jessie won the Big Ideas Competition at the University of Pittsburgh with the CON Project, a way to fight corruption in India through crowdsourcing and public shaming. In her spare time, Jessie volunteers with pre-WW2 planes at the Eagles Mere Air Museum and practices Mandarin.


Brandon Fetroe enjoys problems that combine technical, mechanical, and practical considerations. He holds a BS in Physics, an MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University where his research involves probabilistic robotics, machine learning, and computer vision. Brandon first soloed a Cessna 152 when he was 18, and is a long time model-aircraft enthusiast. In 2004 he founded a radio controlled flight club for high school students in Palau, where they built and learned to fly glow-fuel trainers from balsa kits.

Loren Voss is a joint degree student, pursuing a J.D. at Harvard Law and a M.A. in Global Affairs at Yale’s Jackson Institute. She focuses on international humanitarian law, conflict resolution, and post-conflict reconstruction. Loren previously served in the US Air Force as an intelligence officer for the 493d Fighter Squadron and Air Forces Central Command.


Bruce McNew is a member of the Delaware Bar Association,the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and the California Bar Association. Bruce has been involved in complex litigation for more than 35 years. In particular, his experience includes shareholder and investor rights, class action suits, consumer rights and environmental litigation. Bruce graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with distinction from the Marshall Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary. In addition to his complex litigation work, Bruce volunteers his services at the Office of the Child Advocate in Wilmington, DE and on the boards of other charitable organizations.