Uplift releases survey of micro-UAV use cases in Yemen

Last week the New York Times reported on Yemen, where civil war has cut off the flow of medical supplies to many hospitals:

Hospitals around the country have closed because of shortages of staff members and fuel, and medicines for diabetes, cancer and hypertension are no longer available. The organization added that “outbreaks of polio and measles are also serious risks.”

We wanted to know if micro-UAVs could make a difference with small deliveries of critical supplies, so we asked one of our Uplift team members–who recently left Yemen–to conduct an informal survey inside the country. His Uplift Yemen Survey depicts a country where cancer patients can’t get treatment medications or even basic painkillers, where diabetics are running out of insulin, and where the breakdown of cold chains is raising fears of a vaccination crisis. Micro-UAVs like the Uplift Aeronautics Waliid could help supply these low mass, high value medical medications and vaccines.